Solutions adapted to your applications

Solutions adapted to your applications

Residential buildings and retirement homes

The heating and cooling solution for
multiple spaces

Your well-being is our priority

Gentle and uniform distribution of the temperature.

Air purification captures ultra-fine particles as small as 1 µm.

Ultra-quiet operation.

User interfaces adapted to your needs

Remote access via a Smartphone application.

Control of connected objects, lighting systems, roller shutters, etc.

Simplified mode for the elderly.

Installation application designed for professionals.

Straightforward installation adapted to modern buildings

Low consumption meeting the requirements of RE2020.

Increased living space through the elimination of radiators.

Compatible with ventilation systems which control the circulation of air according to the level of ambient humidity.

Plug & play units, assembled, set and tested in the factory.

Office blocks

Now able to adapt to modern working arrangements (coworking spaces, collaborative areas, creative hubs, etc.).

Simple and flexible to accompany your working arrangements as they evolve

3 to 4 times less units installed, therefore less maintenance requirements compared to a “traditional” solution.

Compatible with 2pipe, 2pipe/2wire, 4pipe installations or 6 way valve system.

Modular system facilitates the creation or division of heating/cooling zones.

Usage adapted to your needs

Independent multi-zone control system for each office

Multi-task control system, lighting systems, blinds, etc.

Dedicated Smartphone application.

A wide range of on-board technologies


Single zone units for residences operated on land

Vertical individual system for cruise ship cabins

Rooms in residences

Single zone system designed for bedrooms and studios in nursing homes, hotels,

university residence halls, cruise ships, etc.

Installation designed primarily with operation in mind

Plug & play installation, also popular for off-site constructions.

Ultra-compact unit designed for being inserted into cramped technical ducts.

Access for maintenance purposes is provided from the outside to avoid disturbing the occupants.

No more unnecessary operational losses.

Straightforward, up-to-date technology

Top of the range thermal and acoustic comfort.
Purification of the air in response to new customer expectations.
Digitalisation of hotel housekeeping functions such as “please make up my room” and “do not disturb”.
Possibility to control lighting systems, skylights and other IoT objects in the bedroom.

System connected to the key card and window to reduce energy consumption.

Native web communication via the building’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

Monitoring software to facilitate maintenance and optimise energy consumption.

Customised study

Whatever your project, EUREVIA carries out a design calculation for you and offers a selection of products adapted to your requirements. We also support you in submitting the necessary information about your project to the local authorities in line with the French environmental regulations, RE2020.