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EUREVIA, we accelerate the construction of your intelligent solutions for tomorrow.

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A company with important values


100% of our ductable terminal units are made by EUREVIA in La Ciotat, France.

We aim to become a major player in reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable development

In 2019, EUREVIA initiated a strategy to relocate its subcontracting processes to France.

100% of its plastic injection moulding relocated to France in 2023

Our new printed
circuit boards
have been “Made in France”
since March 2022

EUREVIA is committed to a
global CSR approach

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

An ecodesign approach which focuses on reducing the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle.

Among other things, we are working on
the use of recycled products and on the recyclability of products.

EUREVIA, creator

of thermal comfort and jobs

Behind EUREVIA, there is a whole team of people with diverse personalities and talents

from sales reps to geeks, and from installers to designers, everyone works together with a common goal to become the French leader in heating and air conditioning systems and in the industrial revolution of connected objects.

EUREVIA is a business on a human scale

which tackles the question of its growth with enthusiasm and determination. We expect our employees to have a strong team spirit and a desire to be right at the heart of innovation so that we can offer products that meet our customers’ requirements.

A privileged setting

set in the heart of nature, our headquarters group together the production, administration and industrial activities, and offer many meeting spaces for getting together and discussing ideas in an atmosphere of well-being.

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An exceptional site
for an exceptional team

Based at the foot of Calanques National Park with a magnificent view of La Ciotat bay.

Informal chats and discussions over coffee contribute to our team’s friendly work culture. A table football game out on the terrace with a sea view, a “pétanque” pitch and a picnic area in the cool shade of the pepper trees complement our positive work environment.

Benefiting from a natural site rich in vegetation, typical of the “Calanques” area, we host the Athélia Entreprendre inter-company collection of beehives in partnership with Grégory ORSINI, a local beekeeper, SMM Events and ADEME / Région SUD. We organise annual events where we gather round an educational bee hive to observe the bees, before enjoying a delicious meal together, complemented by a combination of different types of honey. An enjoyable event that brings together the various companies that take part,

and promises our employees a delicious harvest of honey.

An experimental sub-station

to simulate the operation of a residential building or hotel.

A demonstrator

which is extremely useful for testing an apartment, hotel room or cruise ship cabin in real-life conditions.

A laboratory

which develops new products and analyses their performance under extreme conditions.