February 29, 2024


Eurevia team and BDR thermea management

We were delighted to welcome for the first time to our headquarters in La Ciotat, Mr. Tjarko Bouman, new CEO of BDR Thermea Group , accompanied by the management team of BDR Thermea France.

The first part of the day of convivial exchanges was experienced with the EUREVIA team to share our values, our DNA and our creative capacity, followed by a visit to our factory. We took this sharing moment to reinforce our deployment strategy of TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS, which we wish to expand with DE DIETRICH THERMIQUE and all the high-performance products available in BDR Thermea Group .

The day continued with a visit to a Very nice real estate program Cogedim under delivery. This program consists of 182 senior, homeownership and social housing, equipped with a complete EUREVIA SOLUTION: cPIA ceiling-unit, reGATE connected touchpanel with IoT control, dUALIA air diffusion and aCQUAREVIA 3-service multifunction heat pump Having obtained « Titre V » RE2020.